Thursday, May 19, 2011

60-an Masih Hebat: Lihat Persamaan Mereka!

Strauss-Kahn 62, Anwar 64 , dan Wolfowitz, 68: Masih Hebat!
Lihat dan Ketahui Persamaan Mereka..
Take a look at these three and their recent histories:

Strauss-Kahn, 62, is the former French Finance Minister who widely believed to be within inches of announcing his candidacy as opposition candidate to challenge President Nicholas Sarkozy of France in the upcoming national elections. But his past indiscretion with a fellow IMF staffer in 2008 nearly cost him his job, and as of Monday he was facing sexual assault charges that very likely will end his career.

Anwar, 64, is the former Malaysian Finance Minister who was hoping to challenge Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia in elections that are expected some time later this year or in 2012. But his alleged past indiscretion with a male staffer in 2008 may cost him his job as Opposition leader, a widely publicized video allegedly showing him with a woman not his wife is causing controversy at home, and as of Monday a court in Kuala Lumpur ruled that his own sex-related trial will proceed (has just been ordered to put on a defense to what seems like an increasingly likely sodomy conviction), and this could end his career.

Wolfowitz, 68, is the former Deputy Secretary of Defense and a close friend of Anwar whose career in public service essentially ended in 2007 when he was forced to resign as President of the World Bank over the lavish pay rise he arranged for his girlfriend, that in turn triggered the worst crisis in the institution’s history. read more
Agak menghairankan dan menjadi persoalan kerana mereka semua ada disekutukan atau dikaitan dengan IMF, sebuah organisasi yang telah berusaha meruntuhkan ekonomi ASIA khasnya Asia Tenggara termasuk Malaysia, Korea Selatan, Thailand dan Indonesia pada tahun 1997-1978......

Kini mereka terpalit dengan skandal yang sama iaitu skandal sex. Khan dengan skandal merogol pekerja hotel di New York, DSAI dengan China Doll dan Saiful, manakala Wolfowitz dengan pekerja atau kakitangan bawahannya.

Mereka semua berumur 60-an tetapi masih terlibat skandal sex. Apakah mereka yang berumur 60 tahun lebih mesti LEBIH berwaspada dengan ancaman SEX? Atau TUA-TUA KELADI?

-Anwar should emulate Strauss-Kahn

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