Friday, July 11, 2008

When The PM announced he would only retire mid 2010: What does it means to SAPP?

".....when dealing with some KL leaders; it is like swimming with the sharks..." Yong Teck Lee of SAPP. Yong's statement is considered hurting and insulting instead of helping. Its indirectly mean no reconcilation no negotiation with BN whatsoever.

But when PM announced yesterday that he would only retire mid 2010, that's means he is really confident to be around as PM at least up until June 2010. SAPP has been honking for him to go or be forcely removed for someone to lead the nation.
Instead, SAPP would ended up having to do more recharging to be able to honk longer and louder. SAPP is counting its days to hold on to be in BN fold. Its grift is loosing day by day and some "would be forgotten friends" like UMNO, LDP and PBS really not praying for SAPP to be able to stay on or holding on. NOT Just YTL has to be kicked out but the whole SAPP has to be crushed. Those who want to stay must then jump to the other boat of their choice. MCA, GERAKAN or LDP?

Almost everyone knows that the motion of vote of no confident will be table sooner or later. The confident of the people are mounting that very particular rather peculiar move will be defeated at the same time. Actually, PR or Anwar does not have the numbers. The suppoters of PR genuinly aware of this fact. "The tiny" SAPP, has only two votes to offer. Even the two per se are still considered indecisive. Mybe because most of BN leaders are really friendlier to them then PR's. Or maybe they're not "sharky" as YTL had assumed them. Well, this is what the Malay says "surung susah tarik susah; cakap senang buat susah"

So what's very immediate and almost imminent infront of SAPP now is Pak Lah "saying stuff with real confident" that he is going to remind as the PM, The President of UMNO and The Chairman of BN. ADD the SAPP mere wistle blower that won't fault him. So, SAPP still wait and see? or stay with No tears no goodbye!. I say no way and no turning back. Get autta here..

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