Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Memutihkan yang hitam tidaklah semudah menghitamkan yang putih"

GAME OVER....YOU LOST..No matter how you say it, the truth will prevail... 
All problems that come to us are because of our actions. No problem that has come to us is because of the actions of other peoples. We often blame other peoples for the problems that we have and that is the usual actions taken by most peoples. When we are in the habits of always blaming other peoples, in whatever problems that have happened upon us, it showed that we are the type of a person who put desires as God. When we have made our desires as our God, we always blame others in whatever problem comes to us. We declined to accept the fact that the problems that has come to us is because of our own wrong action. We would point our fingers to others and refused to accept that it is due to our own wrong doings......READ MORE
Menegakkan benang yang basah tidaklah semudah menegakkan 'barang orang tua ini". 
Memutihkan yang hitam tidaklah semudah menghitamkan yang putih".....

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read quran said...

no doubt, no matter how strong evil is it gets caught coz it doesnt have legs and the truth always prevails sooner or later