Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Permatang Pauh: The Well Known Legacy for Anwar.

"I am confident of winning in the by-election," Anwar said, adding that the coalition government which has been in power for half a century was in disarray and had mismanaged the economy.

Anybody want to deny the naked truth?

I add another very important point; that is the government executives are under the darkest shadow of incompetency and unaccountability in general, nowadays. The simple reason behind that scary shadow is that they have lost the spirit of upholding the core and the fundamental aspect of clean, efficient and trustworthy. They have been watching pieces by pieces of basic principle of governing being blown away by a fierce storm of political power and political interference right infront of their eyes. It almost a daily routine cries. As a matter of fact, they have lost the foundamental trust in the government that is currently governing them.

I thought Pak Lah would have refused to lead the government after PR12. He is a humble and kind hearted old man. My only regret to Pak Lah is that he has waited for so long before announcing his formula of transiting leadership in UMNO to his favored leader. The premier made it only after the government has been brutally wounded in the war against the opposition.

His unpopular decision of impatiently and inpartially reviewing the oil subsidy scheme in June NOT in August is mere one of the many obvious signs that he is actually indecisive. Who could possibly influential enough, to change his mind?. Someone else is even capable enough of twisting the cabinet’s decision!! What is happening to our government now??. It is clearly a bizzare act. Indeed, it appears to be the act of desperation while running the fragile government as losing winner of PR12.

Time is very friendly to Anwar. Whatever he says sound real and sweet. He is a great communicator. His promise of forming a new government is very attractive. Mathematically it is impossible but logically it is a case of “believe it or not”.

The weakst record of the current government itself appears to be un flowering an un fruitful. It really fail to prove any shadows or the wrong doings or the wrong path in PR's running.

The by election to be in Permatang Pauh is the naked proff that BN influence is drastically eroded. BN really in the stage of hopelessness in denying PR’s strange and influence. The sodomy case aimed to discredit the de facto PR leader, Anwar, even fueling PR's powerful engine to claim what really belong to them, the Anwar’s legacy. It is just a matter of time.

The by election, of course, will cost some taxpayers' money. Nevertheless, it is unavoidable and in line with our laws and regulations. There are a lot more avoidable plans to save people money and assets. Just open your eyes a bit wider and look around; certainly you will see at least one. Surely, NOT just the Permatang Pauh by election. Are we saying it as a waste out of fear of losing? FIKIR-FIKIRKANLAH.

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