Sunday, May 31, 2009


Cool in the face of challenge

PAS’ deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa, who faces two challengers for his post, believes that the party must hold negotiations with Umno to resolve matters. He insists one should not close one’s doors even to one’s enemies.

Nasharudin: ‘There are those who say I am a conservative ulama and others who say I am a professional ulama. I can only say that I am serving the party with the little knowledge and experience that I have gained.’

THE 55th PAS muktamar (general assembly) is days away and Nasharudin Mat Isa, who faces a stiff challenge for the party’s prized deputy presidency, isn’t pacing up and down the hallway thinking about what might be.

There is no razzmatazz about his campaign to secure the post he won in 2005 and retained in 2007, dethroning party heavyweights along the way. The boy-faced 47-year old politician is keeping cool – helped with cups of tea with fresh mint leaves – and shows no signs that he is fighting for political survival. “This is really soothing,’’ he says as he serves up a cuppa late in the night at his spacious bungalow in Bandar Bukit Mahkota, near Nilai, which looks deserted at that hour.

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bangrudy said...

Subhanallah...i agree with you. I am Indonesian ( working as Public Servant), i read your opinion. Let's keep our friendship for mutual cooperation in the future. Allah will always be with us. Amin.