Saturday, May 30, 2009


Chatting with the fish!
Forecasting system will raise fish haul to RM11bil
Daily Express: Sunday, May 24, 2009
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"......Kota Kinabalu: Mimos Berhad and the Malaysian Fisheries Development Authority (LKIM) signed a memorandum Saturday to develop a Fish Forecasting System (FFS) to help increase the country's fish production to a value of RM11billion by next year. FFS is a computerised system that generates information on potential fishing zones to enable fishermen using it go directly there without having to waste time and energy detecting fish with conservative ways....."

Maybe all the pensioners, bloggers, farmers and etc should think about switching their career! Be a fisherman!..Miracle gonna


SOLYMONE said...

Liza, those group can say anythings, they want to say. But the fact remain, there is not much ocean for them to maneuver.

Doesn't matter how sophisticated their fishing's system is, they still have to compete with the Giants, like Japanese, Chinese and possibly the Filipinos.

This people had been there for ages. In fact, they travel the 7 seas simply for fishing.

The fact of the matter is, Sabah is right now, shortage of skillful fishermen handling the modern techno facilities. As well as general labours.

Therefore, I rather stay inland doing things that I know better; blogging, politics and relevant business.

Salam and thanks

Senjaliza said...

Thank Ir Solymone. At least you got my message-Great thinking. Either their motif is just to spent people's money or just to poke the people by smoking their eyes so they wont be able see the ill-fated strategy. A lot of Deep sea fishings have been issued but rented out to foreigners. At the end, the catch ended up in foreign pick-up boat or hauled at the foreign fish landing ports. There NOT GONNA BE ANY RM11 BILLIONS worth of landing next year, IT'S A LIE..So, 'where is the fish, where is he fish slice?....' BURUNG TERBANG DIPIPISKAN LADA" -> "IKAN BERENANG DITUMBUKKAN SAMBAL"..

musli oli said...

bila pulak nak adakan program memelihara kataK?he he..he

Anak X-PKE said...

Pelihara KataK? Dr. Gapari yang pakar. Mau kena berguru ngan dia. Paling banyak pelihara katak dialah. PBS, AKAR,PBS (2nd), PBRS UMNO, BEBAS, PBS 93rd) dan PKR. He is contemplating to hoop for SAPP should he fail in his bid to be the Ketua Perhubungan PKR Sabah... PENGETUA BESAR KAN?

Bah Lontok said...

Orang melayu kena ambil contoh di negeri Perak.

Semasa Pakatan Rakyat perintah, walaupun MB nya Melayu, tetapi Exco nya ada 6 DAP, 3 PKR dan 1 PAS.
Semua jawatan penting cina pegang.

Sekarang di bawah BN perintah, kita cuma lantik 7 EXCO termasuk MB.
7 UMNO(1 wanita), 1 MCA. 1 india dilantik sebagai speaker (walaupun india tiada calun ADUN nya)

Semasa pentadbiran PR tiada EXCO wanita dilantiknya.

Kepada orang melayu yang sedar, kita rakyat Perak sudah terselamat dari bale DAP.

Ini adalah peringatan kepada melayu di negeri2 lain.

Anonymous said...

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